Siege of Orison - Get Ready to Fight Back

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  • Our biggest Dynamic Event yet, Siege of Orison, returns to Stanton!

    Get ready to dive into an action-heavy adventure that has turned the once-idyllic city of Orison into a nightmare. Read on for all the info you need to survive the Nine Tail gang’s campaign of violence, including a mission rundown and tips from the designers themselves.

    If this is your first time in the Star Citizen universe, visit our New Player Guide to master the basics before you head into combat.

    Siege of Orison kicks off today, January 20th, at 2000 UTC. For the full dynamic event schedule, head over to the announcement thread on Spectrum. And don't forget, if you enjoyed flying heavy military-spec ships throughout the mission, you can check them out below and even add them to your fleet!

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