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Important, read carefully before you start !

            - This is a fun server ! Note the server rules ! Link Rules
            - This server is running with DiscoveryMod 5 ! Updates for mod -->> check the dslauncher !
            - Technerf is disabled ! 600 Cruising Speed !
            - Install the updater and start fl over updater ! Link Install
            - This server uses a dynamic stock exchange ! Link Info
            - Please feel free to use our TeamSpeak 3 Server ! Link Install
            - Playerbases up to Core 10 ! Link Info
            - PVP-Stats from Server ! Link Info

In addition this server offers :

The Bank of Sirius Webinterface !

( Banksystem, complete logistics management, Clan area, Visa system, Rankings, etc. )

The Web missions Add-on !

( you can choose to trade or to mine, to play bounty, NPC and special missions )

The Equipment Add-on !

( here can you buy Equipment for your ship )

The Jumpcenter Add-on !

( Jumps between the main systems )

Eventcenter / Achievements Add-on !

( You can measure results in other players, if a success is reached, you get a reward )

Surveycenter Add-on !

( Here you can generate your Survey codes yourself and examine. Or give you for everybody Freely. )

For all players :

                      - the webinterface and add-ons can you buy for ingame credits! Link Info
                      - 10 millions starting credits ! Info Startmoney ingame
                      - 600+ pings automatically kicked !
                      - Cheaters are automatically banned by the server !

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