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Newest Files

  • Jumptool

    ServerAdmin -

    JumpTool by Flotto

    Koordinaten liegen als Flotto.xml bei.
    Einfach via "Datei"->"Koordinaten importieren" einsaugen.

    -Kordinaten selber einfügen können, also im Programm
    Du solltest unten immer eine leere Zeile haben. Wenn Du da
    was einträgst wird eine…
  • The freelancer account manager is a program that allows you to manage multiple user accounts of the game Freelancer without having to switch users or editing the windows registry.
  • FlKeyGen 2.1

    ServerAdmin -

    creates new IDs and signatures for you and even saves them as an ADF to import into Freelancer Account Manager.
  • Presentation

    This program is a companion tool for Microsoft game Freelancer.
    It parses the game files (original or modified) and extract useful information displayed through an advanced traderoute calculator. (see features below)
  • FL-Stat Programm

    ServerAdmin -

    FL-Stat Programm
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Freelancer Account Manager

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3,706 57

FlKeyGen 2.1

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3,822 26

Freelancer Companion 2.02

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4,900 82

FL-Stat Programm

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3,375 35