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  1. Reviewer

    Product assessment delivered

    Awarded 2 times

  2. Verifiziert

    Product acquired

    Awarded 13 times

  3. Coder


    Awarded 3 times

  4. Supporters


    Awarded 16 times

  5. Webinterface

    Webinterface available

    Awarded 4 times

  6. Images

    Gallerie accessed

    Awarded 21 times

  7. Images Premium

    Premium Gallerie accessed

    Awarded once

  8. Investor

    more as 10 Billion credits on the bank

    Awarded 0 times

  9. 18+


    Awarded 0 times

  10. Discord

    Linked his account to Discord

    Awarded 0 times

  11. Steam

    Linked his account to Steam

    Awarded 0 times

  12. Multifactor Authentication


    Awarded 0 times

  13. Map

    Has a user card entry

    Awarded 11 times