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Accessibility information as of 08/30/2022

RSI Server endeavors to make its website as compatible as possible with the specifications of the harmonized European standard EN 301 549 V2.1.2 (08-2018).

The website is currently undergoing a complete restructuring in terms of layout, design, user guidance and content. In the course of constant further development, all technical requirements for a barrier-free website have been created. No third-party BITV test has yet been carried out for the content listed.

On the content level, texts have been optimized in terms of structure, headings and content, and the existing images and graphics have been supplemented with descriptive alternative texts.

Non-accessible content

The website of the RSI Server has been adapted and optimized to the EU Directive 2016/2102 for the implementation of the barrier-free Internet of public authorities.

The identified deficits and deficiencies are currently in a continuous improvement process that is being worked through successively.

As of the date of this declaration, the contents of this website are not yet completely barrier-free. The expense of a complete changeover, especially of the integrated documents of different origins, is not in relation to the expected benefit for the visitor. The disproportionality of the barrier-free design is described in Article 5 paragraphs 2 and 4 of EU Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

However, we are trying to convert the non-accessible content step by step or to convert it into a version that is easier to understand. Among other things, ongoing improvements are being made, especially to PDF documents and other document types that are available for download. These are either self-created or come from other sources, especially in the area of transnational specifications or guidelines.

Very often we are asked to redistribute messages and/or documents. However, these documents do not always meet the requirements of accessibility and in most cases we cannot post-edit them. Since it is important to us to pass on current information as promptly as possible, we ask for your understanding if not all content is completely accessible. We try to link to barrier-free versions as often as possible or to make them directly available.

Alternative texts from images, link texts in text content and descriptions of links are meaningfully expanded or provided with context. Additional editorial adjustments and reformatting are intended to make information more easily accessible for display on screen readers and to ensure improved orientation for the visually impaired.

Plain language and sign language

The offer does not yet contain any information in simple language and sign language. According to the recommendations of the relevant associations, the read-aloud function of the personal screen reader is preferred, which is why the website does not offer this option.

We try to use the simplest possible language. This is not always possible due to the complex content of specialist information. Please let us know if you think a text presents the facts in an unnecessarily complicated manner.

The use of abbreviations is avoided as far as possible, but we use the full notation the first time it appears in the text, and then use the introduced abbreviation in the rest of the text. Please let us know if you come across abbreviations or technical terms that need explanation in our offer.

Feedback and contact details

If you notice any shortcomings or improvements in terms of compliance with the accessibility requirements, you can get in touch directly with the contact on the right. We are always grateful for hints and suggestions for improvement. We will endeavor to implement correction requests and suggestions as soon as possible.

Use the ticket system to contact us.…-add/74-barrierefreiheit/