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  1. I am currently exploring the market for a Jump Drive Module Series IV and am looking to contribute credits and/or labour in exchange for the module.

    I am very flexible and would be happy to deliver products to a factory in exchange for reduced costs or can provide transportation services to assist with mining, replenishment of player owned bases or even battleship support with nomad hunting, military objectives, etc.

    Alternatively, if you are able to offer a combined deal on both a Jump Drive Module Series IV and a Hyperspace Survey Module Mk2 or Mk3, I would be happy to discuss flexible arrangements on a dual purchase.

    If any parties are interested in opening discussions, please contact me on this forum by starting a 'new conversation'/private message.

    All discussions will remain completely confidential and complete discretion is assured.

    Thank you very much.



    Ich bin derzeit die Erkundung der Markt für ein Jump Drive Module Serie IV und bin auf der Suche zu…
    To be negotiated / Ausgehandelt werden

    Hi all,

    i am looking for traders who are willing to deliver 30 000 Hull segments to my base in Manchester.
    You can contact me if you are interested, but if you like you can just swing by:

    Manchester, D/E 4

    Docking right are unrestricted, the shop price is set to 5000 cr.
    I try to update as often as possible, but still:
    Please check how many are actually needed at every delivery, also keep an eye on the money left in the base :D

    Any questions can be directed at me via pm or ingame...

    Kind regards

    Aldo Raine


    Hallo zusammen,

    ich suche Trader die 30 000 Hull segments zu meiner Basis in Manchester bringen.
    Ihr könnt mich kontaktieren wenn Interesse besteht, oder ihr kommt einfach mal vorbei:

    Manchester, D/E 4

    Jeder kann docken, der Kaufpreis ist auf 5000 credits eingestellt.
    Ich versuche so oft wie möglich die Infos zu aktualisieren, aber dennoch:
    Bitte bei jeder Lieferung prüfen wie viele noch gebraucht werden, auch…
    5000 cr / unit